Sun tubes of Lightway - Green Lighting

Redesign spaces with the sun tubes of Lightway …

Redesign rooms with the light tubes from Lightway ...

They exist in almost every building:

"the dark corners", where no windows, or only very few, barely let daylight in. In these, the (electric) light must always be switched on, or there is a light tube...

Our light tube is the solution

for illuminating dark spaces with stimulating and natural daylight.
Pay attention to the following details, so that your light tube lets your spaces shine naturally and freshly with an optimal light output.

light tube of Lightway

The light tube of Lightway is difficult to beat with its quality and level of development. In this, the total energy balance of the light tube is very low and recyclable, because of its innovative coating process. Lightway uses ultra-pure silver of 99.95% quality to achieve optimum reflection for the light tube. The Lightway Crystal light tube uses high-quality glass and no plastic, e.g. for the dome and the lens for the light distribution in the space. In addition to the standard systems Lightway Crystal and Lightway Silver, we also offer you individual solutions. The systems are designed for optimum light transmission. For example, to improve the U-value we offer double-shell diffusers or other designs of diffuser or flush-mounted diffuser, or professional, dimmable artificial light inserts, or completely innovative: our BLUEperformance heat insulating unit. We have a solution for you for almost any requirement. Ask us...

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Green Lighting aus Mahlow - Sun tubes of Lightway - Green Lighting

Green Lighting aus Mahlow - Sun tubes of Lightway - Green Lighting

The key facts for the light tube of Lightway

  • In the Lightway Crystal Series: Dome from IRCG (Intelligent Ray Catcher Glass) with lens structure provides a high influx of light even with a cloudy (diffuse) sky
  • Light tube: 99.95% ultra-pure silver to optimise reflection by evaporating a super-reflective and mechanically-resistant layer (guarantee: 25 years)
  • In the Lightway Crystal Series: Cover glass/diffuser made of highly transmissive sodium-potassium glass
  • Infinitely adjustable angle pieces to 90°
  • Simple installation
  • CO2 and CE certificates